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why you should be extending your home now.

Over the past few years I have noticed that the cost for extension work is going up at a rate that is making me uncomfortable. While I understand that every extension building company in Melbourne is in the same boat & that is inevitable that prices go up every year. The fact is that it makes it more difficult for the consumer as well as the house extension builder.

The problem no doubt stems from the cost & availability of some materials, pressures on tradespeople & builders in regards to insurance, regulations that are continually changing & the red tape enforced by bureaucrats, not to mention the number of bad builders that are out there carrying out poor work, not completing their work & leaving builders who are here for the long run to pick up the pieces in the way of increased legislation & insurance premiums. On the other hand the cost of living & utilities putting pressure on home owners, we just have less in our pockets than we would like these days.

I wish I had a solution to make it more affordable for the consumer to be able to have their home extended or renovated.We can only take care of what we are able to, considering the limitations imposed on our lives & surroundings due to the economic pressures of our time.

I truly believe that extension costs will only continue to spiral in the future & the only thing we can do is make sure that Extension Impressions are & remain competitive in today’s market place with our pricing & our service without compromising on the quality or workmanship. If we continue to focus on improving the way we do business without compromising on the quality of the finish or the service we offer, we also must be & remain innovative with our designs & the use of materials to remain in business for many years to come.

The home owner has their part to play in all of this as well by helping themselves & getting their extension built sooner rather than later. The longer you wait the more it will cost to have the extension or renovation built. There is no better time to have an extension or renovation done then right now.
So when selecting your builder there are a few important things to consider.

  • Choose a builder, who has the expertise & offers a free design service as part of his process, you will find 3D is always helpful. It is the only way you can be assured that he has your best interest in the final outcome of the design & costing for you.
  • Make sure that the builder you choose is a registered building practitioner with a current DBU number, has a good track record, reputation & has been in business for some time. A long established builder is no doubt a good choice.
  • Always check to make sure that the builder you choose has all his insurances in place without compromise or your extension could end up costing you more than you expected. If he has no public liability, any injury that may occur at your home may become the responsibility of the home owner.
  • Before going ahead request some references from the builder of previous extension & renovation clients.
  • The builder should only use an approved building contract & not delete or add any clauses.
  • The builder should offer a fixed price contact. While there may be unforseen things that may arise during construction from time to time, what is known should be a fixed cost contact. Any items that are unknown can be dealt with by means of a prime cost allowance for fixtures & fittings or a provisional sum allowance for labour & materials. It’s the only way to protect yourself & know exactly what you are getting for you investment.
  • The builder should include a guaranteed completion time with a dollar amount to be deducted from the final payment clearly stated in the building contract if the builder goes over time. This will protect the home owner from builders who take on to much work & can’t complete their work in a reasonable time frame.

When choosing your builder you owe it yourself to consider all the possible pit falls & the benefits.

So why choose Extension Impressions?

  • Free design service including 3D.
  • Established for over 40 years.
  • Family owned & operated.
  • Registered building practitioner.
  • All insurances included.
  • Fixed price contract.
  • Guaranteed completion time.
  • Committed & passionate in delivering good service.
  • Guaranteed quality finish in a friendly environment.

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