Why Second Storey extensions are the Key to a good investment

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Why Second Storey extensions are the Key to a good investment

There are a number of reasons that a well designed and built double storey extension would be a good investment.

Street appeal

The first important reason is you will effectively change the facade and look of the front of your home that everyone can see. Street appeal is the first thing you notice about any home. It is very important; first impressions are lasting and it will guarantee you an excellent return on your investment if you ever decide to sell up and move in the future.

You can’t get good street appeal without a great design that combines the old house with the new. The extension should be well designed and built in a manner that will enhance your style, surroundings and it should look as if it has always been there. This is the only sure way of securing a superior investment and return.

Potentially a poorly designed extension could result in a lower return on your investment, while it may seem more affordable than a well-designed addition, a good design that flows and compliments your lifestyle will by far be a superior investment.

Save your backyard

One of the more obvious key reasons is you get so much more space to live and enjoy while entertaining friends and family when they come around. The kids have room to play safely where you can keep an eye on them.

Not impacting your backyard will also give you the option of building a pool or spa at some stage in the future if so desired. Don’t want a pool? Think of it this way, if you ever decide to put your home on the market for sale and the potential buyers want a pool, it makes your home far more desirable than a house that does not offer that same option and ultimately a greater profitable return on your original investment.


In some instances, if views are available, we can design 2 storey additions to capture those incredible views. This without any doubt will certainly add value to your investment and increase the enjoyment of living in your home.

Single storey compared with a two-storey extension

Small blocks do present some limitations for single storey extensions at times.
There are restrictions on the site coverage you are permitted to have and this may vary depending on where you live. There may be service easements that are on the block that could restrict the size of the ground floor extension.

Adding a second storey is the obvious way to go to comply with any breaches of site coverage as it does not add any area to the site coverage. This will provide you with more space and freedom to live and move around.

Design flexibility

Upper floor extensions in most instances do offer a lot more flexibility in design. Placement of rooms for flow and light becomes more achievable and desirable. Room sizes are more adaptable and can be created to suit every family members requirements and needs. It opens up so many more options for a great design and improved look of your home.

In some instances, it may be necessary or you may like to combine a second storey extension with a ground floor extension. No problems, this will provide you with multiple advantages and flexibility in the design and look of your home.

It’s just a matter of imagination and the skill to bring it all together and the team at Extension Impressions are capable and have been designing and building great quality home extensions for well over 40 years.

If you love where you live why move?
Stay where you are and extend your home with the experts at Extension Impressions.We guarantee that you will be impressed at our approach, service and price.

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