Top Tips For Nailing That Kitchen Extension

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Top Tips For Nailing That Kitchen Extension

Over the years, kitchens have increasingly become the focal point of homes. No longer is it merely considered an “eating” place, but rather a social one – a point of contact so family and friends can get together. 

With this new trend setting in, plenty of people are now looking to give their kitchen that added “wow factor” and they are doing that by creating an extension to their kitchen. You get more room to cook, socialise and add more value to your property. But where to start? To help you get the best extension for your kitchen, take note of these top tips: 

Make Enough Room For Everything You Want 

The modern kitchen isn’t just a kitchen on its own; it’s a living room, and dining room all rolled into one. That doesn’t mean that you have to go in that direction, but it does help to know what else you would like to add to your kitchen. Plan your design by providing enough room in your extension to ensure that your home and kitchen has the space needed to create the atmosphere you want. Remember to define the space in your extension so that there are clear areas for different purposes, like between eating and resting. However, make sure to maintain a sense of cohesion throughout the kitchen, but more on that in point four.

Bring In As Much Natural Light As Possible 

Nothing brings your kitchen to life than letting the light in. When it comes to thinking about your kitchen extension, always make sure that you incorporate as much natural light as possible. It will create a beautiful and open atmosphere. And the best way to add natural light is by…

Connecting Your Extension To The Outside

Having your kitchen connect to your backyard will provide you with an even bigger space – well, the illusion of larger space! But it will go a long way to helping you create larger kitchen for your home, bring in natural light, and provide better access to the outdoors. Give your home more life with a connection to the outside. 

Think About The Flow Of Your Kitchen 

On top of your kitchen extension, think about how the rest of your home will flow with it – or against it. Many people look to get home extensions that are different from the rest of your home. The same can apply to your kitchen. Do you want it to flow with the rest of your home or not? Will it have the same colours and style, or stand out on its own? While this isn’t a tip, it is an important point to finish on. Our advice though is to go with the flow! It pays off in the long run when it comes to the value of your property.  

Once you are ready to get your kitchen extended and transformed, reach out to Extension Impressions today. Call us for a free quote now!

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