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To go outwards or upwards?


To go outwards or upwards?

When it comes adding an extension to your home, the question always boils down to: should we extend upwards or outwards? Barring the design of the land you are on, you are free to add any extension you want. There are advantages to both and it is down to you to see which one will suit your home and future lifestyle better.

Outwards Advantages:

Do you have a wide piece of land? If you do, then make the most of it with an extra rooms. Extending outwards makes more of living and entertaining spaces. It is also better to embrace the outdoors. By adding a patio or a living room connected to the outdoors, you open out to an exciting and more engaging outdoor experience. You also have the benefit of making the extension have the same roof that you currently have. If you have children, it also safer, so they do not go running up and down the stairs.

Upwards Advantages:

Building upwards and adding another level to your house is very common. The modern style is always build up, not wide, and there are reasons why. Firstly, if your land is too small for going outwards, it best to go up. Having a second storey is great if you need extra rooms (and namely bedrooms) if your family is extending. It is useful to have extra rooms for entertaining, including the addition of a balcony. Adding a second storey will mean that you can have the pleasure of enjoying your backyard and garden.


In some cases, if you are looking for just minor extensions and if it is capable, adding a basement is possible. A basement does not have to be used for storing unwanted stuff; you can turn your basement into an entertainment room, or an extra bedroom or living quarters. Do not rule out the possibility of going downstairs if you have no other options.