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Seek out a specialist

If you are looking to carry out an extension on your home, why would you seek someone who does not have the required experience, know how, and has been building extensions for many years?

Why would you seek a GP when you need a cardiologist?

Specialist professional skills may cost you a little more. It’s a little like going to Thailand to have your teeth done or getting cosmetic surgery, your probably not going to get exactly what you initially wanted or intended, that’s kind of risky and totally unnecessary and could end up costing you more than you initially expected anyway.

The same thing applies when extending your home, would you be happy with having just anybody working on and having access to your home, hoping and wishing for the best, that it all works out?

One of the common mistakes people make when considering extending, is getting lots of free quotes from a range of non-specialist builders hoping to find a builder who is prepared to do the work for the cheapest possible amount. Why would you waste all that time & take a risk with the cheapest price?

A better and more efficient and constructive approach is spending your time and recourses seeking for a specialist extension company whose sole aim is extending homes just like yours.

Ensure your quote has all the details of your proposed extension with a clear understanding of the concept design and layout along with a detailed scope of works required to complete your extension and just as important, that all the insurances are in place and included.

Logically it stands to reason that this is the only way to go otherwise you could be in for more than you bargained for and some unwanted surprises.

Don’t risk your home and sanity in getting lots of useless quotes and then falling for the trap of choosing the builder who has the cheapest price.

Give Extension Impressions a try, you will not be disappointed in our service or price.

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