Planning A Home Extension? Tips To Manage It

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Planning A Home Extension? Tips To Manage It

Double Storey Extension:

2 storey extensions are little more expensive than a ground floor or single storey depending on the final design and look you want. However, you will gain another level on your home, with large amounts of room to add additional features to your home including, another bathroom, bedrooms, living area or office space, not to mention the added street appeal – it is up to you!

Wrap Around Extension:

This process is where we combine a rear-home extension with the side part of your home to create a “rounded” section. You will have plenty more space available to do what you want, but it will require you to have a lot of space around your home for it to be constructed.

Preparing Your Permits:

Once you have sorted out your final design, you have to take the next step of applying for either planning permission/permit or a building permit from your local council depending on where you live and the area or size of your block of land. Councils vary from the types of permits you need and the limitations that you have when it comes to the type of construction and materials that they will allow you use.

In most cases all you will require is a building permit that complies with the current building regulations. However, if a planning permit is required then the process becomes a little different, more time consuming and costly. This can be a confusing and frustrating field to navigate if you do not know what you are doing, so it is best to speak to your council or ask the team at Extension Impressions to help you.

Will You Stay Home During The Construction?

This, of course, depends on the type of extension you are looking to get. Bigger projects (double storey and the combination of ground floor extension as well) may sometimes require you to leave your home for a period of time. In most cases you can stay in the home if you desire and we will do our absolute best to minimize any disruption to you and your family. while single storey or ground floor extensions means you most likely will not have to leave home at all. Your lifestyle choice and finances will also be a factor in this decision, so take your time and decide what is best for you and your family. If you are unsure you can discuss this with our team.

When the time comes to get your home extended, then speak to the experts here at Extension Impressions. We can help you throughout the whole process (from design to construction) and guarantee you that your finished home will look and feel exactly like you have always dreamed.

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