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Presentation Phase: (Meeting 3)

This is where you get to visually experience our design with a 3D generated presentation of your proposed extension or renovation. The 3D presentation will give you a valuable and better understanding of how the new designed extension will come together with the old part of the house ensuring that it has character and looks great.

Our designer will be happy to discuss any changes or revisions that you would like to make or considering, and sometimes depending on the complexity of the design and the type changes, it may be possible to make them on the spot. If they require more consideration and time to ensure that any changes will not influence the integrity and character of the new extension, whether it is a 2 storey 1st floor extension or a ground floor extension we will make the necessary changes at a later time along with a price prediction provided for those requested changes.

Occasionally it may be necessary to talk about ways to modify the design and scope of works to suit your budget or investment commitment. We can suggest changes and ways to bring costs down, keeping in mind the effect on the design and type of extension proposed.

This is also a good time to discuss your selections of fixtures, fittings and finishes that you would like to include in the project. If you prefer you can supply all or as little of the fixtures and fittings as you like and we can install them for you.

We are committed to do our very best to make sure that we provide you with good service that will ultimately help you achieve your desired dream home extension.