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The Pre-Home Extension Phase:

Once a budget or investment commitment has been determined and set, our design consultant will return to your home and move to the next stage with the purpose of providing you with a professional concept design and a closer more accurate budget prediction and costing that will suite your family and lifestyle needs.

At this stage photos will be taken (with your permission), your home measured up generally room by room and some more information gathering may be required. The photos and the measurements taken of your home shall be used to allow us to have the essential information needed in front of us when compiling and drawing a concept design plan for your new dream home extension.

When your design has been completed and the team at Extension Impressions has checked and evaluated your design, that construction and good safe proven building practices can be achieved, that local council and building regulation requirements will comply with the proposed 1st floor extension, single storey extension or renovation of your home.

At this stage we are able to provide you with a closer accurate price prediction or indicative price rage. The price prediction will be discussed fully at the next meeting with our design consultant where a 3D design presentation will be done for you in your own home.