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Home Extension Design Consultation Process:

Our design consultation process is relatively simple in format. Our designer will discuss what you like about your home and just as important whatever you do not like about your home. Your wants, needs, and aspirations for your new home extension or renovation are discussed in detail.

We listen to what you have to say about your home, after all you live there and would know better than us your day to day routine, the way you live in, use your home and what you want and desire to achieve with your new home extension or addition. We will work with you and are motivated, enthusiastic and committed to help you achieve your dream home extension.

Our design consultant will evaluate and gather all the necessary information required and provide you with some great design and cost-effective solution options for you, along with an initial cost prediction or indicative price range for your new extension or renovation to consider. Depending on the complexity and size of your design, house extension, lifestyle needs and the condition of the existing home it may be possible to provide a price prediction on the spot.

If you have a budget that you have set or in mind for your single storey or first floor extension then we will do our very best to provide you with a concept design that will complement your lifestyle with the amount you would like to invest for your new extension or renovation.

If there is no budget set, this would be a great time to consider and set the amount of investment you will commit and need to make to achieve a new house extension for your Melbourne home. While our design consultants are committed, eager and passionate about what they do, you would agree there is little or no point in coming up with a design concept that does not enhance your family’s lifestyle or budget.

There is no pressure or obligation at this stage, just some simple ideas for you to consider and discuss with the family once you have had time to think about the options and investment amount required that we have discussed and provided for you.

Extension Impressions have the necessary experience, skilled craftsman and capability to design and extend your house into your dream home extension all on time and on budget.