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Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need my own plans or drawings?
No, we will provide a design for your home extension after our first meeting, gathered information and evaluated your wants, needs and the amount you would like to invest.

Will you provide a quote if we already have our own plans?
Yes, while our preference is to provide our own design we can provide a detailed quote on your plans.

Do you provide references of previous clients?
Yes, once you are happy with the design and price and have decided to go with Extension Impressions some previous clients details will be provided for you to contact and talk to.

Do we need to move out while construction is being done?
No, in most cases there is no need to move out. We can coexist while work is being done, our goal is to provide minimal disruption while you and your family live in the home. Sometimes it may be necessary to move out for a short period of time, depending on your design and circumstances.

Will our home be secure while work is being done?
Yes, we will ensure that your home is secure as practically possible at all times.

How long before you start building?
Once all the plans and documents are signed and a building permit is obtained we can start construction in around 3- 6 weeks.

How long will my extension take to build?
This will depend on the size and type of extension being constructed, 2 storeys, single storey or a combination of both. In most cases a realistic build time of 5-6 months should be expected.

Do you complete your jobs on time?
Yes, we complete our projects on time and on budget depending on the weather that has been experienced during construction. All our building contracts where applicable will include an amount to be deducted from the final amount if we go over time on your project.

How long does it take to come up with a design?
In most cases you can expect between 2 – 4 weeks before we come up with a professional design.