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Home Extension Blackburn

Extension Impressions are your professionals for all your renovations and extension projects. We offer you the complete package and for affordable prices. To experience the difference with us in charge, call us on 9759 5525 or email us at

Extension Impressions has been providing Blackburn residents with the solutions for all their renovation and extension projects. When you contact our team, you will get a service that is tailored to you, as well as whole package. Experience, honesty, innovative designs and an effective building process will see us complete the project that you want for your Blackburn home.

Home Extension Blackburn

40 Years Of Experience

For the last four decades we have been focusing on delivering the ideas and ambitions of our clients. That is why we have been around for so long: we work hard for our clients, aiming to ensure that they get the final results they want for their homes. As a family owned business, we pass on our success to the next generation, so they can continue to deliver the high standards that we set.

Innovative Designs & Creations

What makes us stand out from the rest of the competition is the commitment that we have to providing our Blackburn clients with the platform to let their renovations and creations run wild. Our approach is based on an easy and simple process, in which we sit down with you and discuss your plans. From there, we give a plan that highlights all your needs and aligns it with your requirements. If you are happy with it, we begin the construction process in which we provide you with updates throughout it.

Affordable For Blackburn

One of reasons that we are highly regarded throughout Blackburn is thanks to our affordable and competitive prices. From the moment we start the project, we provide you with a fixed rate. Don’t expect any nasty fees or charges that pop up. That is not how we work. We are honest renovators and designers that will be straight with you from the very start of your design and building process.