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Why Second Storey extensions are the Key to a good investment

There are a number of reasons that a well designed and built double storey extension would be a good investment. Street appeal The first important reason is you will effectively change the facade and look of the front of your home that everyone can see. Street appeal is the first thing you notice about any home. It is very important; first impressions are lasting and it will guarantee you an excellent return on your investment if you ever decide to sell up and move in the future. You can’t get good street appeal without a great design that combines the old house with the new. The extension should be [...]

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Materials Used Today

Materials in the past: Technology has come a long way since I first started as an apprentice carpenter and joiner 46 years ago. The same can be said for the materials that we now use on our home extensions. Long gone are the 2 storey extensions with the cheap and nasty hardiplank, timber weatherboard or rendered blueboard popped up on top of the existing house that performed so poorly in our Melbourne weather. I can remember when going back to complete the first floor fix out (hang all the doors and install the architraves & skirtings) how extremely hot it would get up there in summer, it was just [...]

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5 Things You Should Know Before You Extend Your Home

Planning Permission Depending on what your project entails and neighbourhood zoning regulations, it may be necessary to speak to your local council about any breaches of rules and regulations. You may be required to apply for a planning permit before a building permit can be issued. As much as it is your property, you can’t just construct another room or level without obtaining council permission. They will have to assess your project and consider it against a range of factors including fire safety, structural design and the effect on your neighbourhood character. Talking To Your Neighbours Don’t know your neighbours? Now is a good time to introduce yourself. It [...]

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The Advantages Of Your House Extension

When lifestyles change, so does the house. You might find yourself with a larger family, a new hobby or an unexpected change. When this happens, you might realise that your home has to change too.  So, this leaves you with two scenarios: start the hassle of buying a new property and all the drama that comes with it; or get an extension to your current home. We can tell you the second one will pay off handsomely in the long-run. How do we know? This is what you will get when you add an extension to your home.  You Get The Additional Space Forever If this is the house [...]

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Top Tips For Nailing That Kitchen Extension

Over the years, kitchens have increasingly become the focal point of homes. No longer is it merely considered an "eating" place, but rather a social one - a point of contact so family and friends can get together.  With this new trend setting in, plenty of people are now looking to give their kitchen that added "wow factor" and they are doing that by creating an extension to their kitchen. You get more room to cook, socialise and add more value to your property. But where to start? To help you get the best extension for your kitchen, take note of these top tips:  Make Enough Room For Everything [...]

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Planning A Home Extension? Tips To Manage It

Double Storey Extension: 2 storey extensions are little more expensive than a ground floor or single storey depending on the final design and look you want. However, you will gain another level on your home, with large amounts of room to add additional features to your home including, another bathroom, bedrooms, living area or office space, not to mention the added street appeal – it is up to you! Wrap Around Extension: This process is where we combine a rear-home extension with the side part of your home to create a “rounded” section. You will have plenty more space available to do what you want, but it will require [...]

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why you should be extending your home now.

Over the past few years I have noticed that the cost for extension work is going up at a rate that is making me uncomfortable. While I understand that every extension building company in Melbourne is in the same boat & that is inevitable that prices go up every year. The fact is that it makes it more difficult for the consumer as well as the house extension builder.The problem no doubt stems from the cost & availability of some materials, pressures on tradespeople & builders in regards to insurance, regulations that are continually changing & the red tape enforced by bureaucrats, not to mention the number of bad builders [...]

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