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About Us

Extension Impressions Pty Ltd was formed in 2007 after a name change from a previous building construction company that was established in 1976 called Oriete homes.

The previous building company was constructing both new homes, extensions and carrying out renovation work.

The directors Calvi Murarotto, John Murarotto and Sam Murarotto found that the extensions and renovation side of the business was growing and becoming more prominent than the new home side of the business.

While still operating as Oriete homes Pty & building many extensions and renovations under that banner the 2 brothers thought the time had come for a name change to reflect the side of the business and the direction they wanted to take due to the enjoyment, challenge and pleasure they experienced when extending and renovating houses, and helping clients reach their dreams and objectives.

The decision was not an easy one to make as their father had founded Oriete homes many years ago, however the change was finally made and we now have a business with the original founding members and directors since 1976 and an inclusion to our family business, with a Manager for site construction and supervision Adrian Sordello who is also a Director of the company.

The boys had a vision and wanted an extension and renovation company business that they would be proud of, would be self-contained and sustainable. They wanted to offer an alternative to the larger more expensive companies. They saw the need and wanted to ensure good service, quality construction, good old fashion common sense approach and building practices, all within a friendly environment.

It should be a good experience to have your home extended and improved!

The name has changed but the experience, quality, service & vision has not!

Combined experiences & skills included:

98 years of experience in the building industry.
Experienced & professional Project management.
Experienced & professional in-house design management.
Experienced & professional Project costing.

Our vision:

To provide a cost-effective solution.
To provide a professional in-house design service.
To provide good service in a friendly environment.
To ensure that our clients are totally satisfied.
To ensure that our clients dreams are realised.