5 Things You Should Know Before You Extend Your Home

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5 Things You Should Know Before You Extend Your Home

Planning Permission

Depending on what your project entails and neighbourhood zoning regulations, it may be necessary to speak to your local council about any breaches of rules and regulations. You may be required to apply for a planning permit before a building permit can be issued. As much as it is your property, you can’t just construct another room or level without obtaining council permission. They will have to assess your project and consider it against a range of factors including fire safety, structural design and the effect on your neighbourhood character.

Talking To Your Neighbours

Don’t know your neighbours? Now is a good time to introduce yourself. It would be courteous to inform your neighbours about your project, including how long it may take to complete. Let them know that it may effect traffic and street parking depending on where you live i.e. inner city and surrounding areas where parking and street access may be restricted.

Utilities And Services

Depending on the type of extension you are proposing. If your home extension is at the front of the house, it may be necessary to have some of your utilities and service disconnected for a short period of time and reconnected at the end of the day where possible.

Being Energy Efficient

When extending, take the time to consider and include some energy saving factors you may want in your build. In most extension an energy rating assessment will be required as part of the building permit, this depends on the size and orientation of your extension. While it may be a little more expensive up front, there will be the added advantage of savings on the running costs of your home and the extra living comfort for you and your family.

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